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Re: [Fwd: major problem with gnome-games dependency]

Hi, Kevin:

El Jueves, 13 Octubre 2005 09:03, Kevin Mark escribió:

> Hi Thijs and fellow DDs,
> something just sprang into my brain as you mentioned the 'm$ office
> thingy'. gnome is a meta-package and someone wondered how he could
> install 'his' gnome. here is a scenerio:
> apt-get install gnome
> (gnome installs as usuall, but creates a configuration file--blank at
> first?)
> dpkg-reconfigure gnome
> (this presents a debconf-like screen that displays the basic gnome
> packages and also displays optional gnome packages with select/unselect
> boxes. after the optional packages are selected, the choices are noted
> in a configuration file, and the unselected apps would than be
> a)marked for removal in the status file so that the next upgrade cycle
> would remove them
> or
> b)removed by 'apt-get remove'
> not sure if I need "a AND b" or "a OR b".
> apt-get install gnome
> (now the apt front-end would read the meta-package configuration file to
> determine what to install/upgrade. Thus you get to have 'your' gnome and
> upgradeing gnome would only install what you want thus saving time and
> effort)

Yeah!  It remmembers quite a lot the localepurge package behaviour.  When you 
install it it asks you if you want to be informed about new locales and when 
new locales do appear a menu gives you the chance to check in which 
man/info/etc pages do you want installed in your system.  Something like this 
could go for metapackages:

apt-get install gnome
[debconf menu]
	Gnome is a metapackage made up of these bunch of packages.  Choose the ones 
your really want (with all packages starting as checked; maybe submenus for 
different categories and these submenus depending on the debconf "chatting" 
level chosen -critical, high, low...).  Then the first poster would check-out 
all gnome-games, then [ok]
   Do you want to be informed about new [Gnome] packages added [Yes/no].

This way, when on next release new Gnome is made out of new packages, he will 
have again the choice to tell which ones he wants.

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