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Re: Bits from the release team: the plans for etch

Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> writes:

>>> Can't the patch be posted to the BTS and NMUed after two days if
>>> there's no response (in general)?
>> Yeah, but golly, sometimes there is no patch because the patch is
>> blindingly obvious.
> No, no, no.  Please not.  There's always a patch, and if it's only the
> changelog entry.

You misunderstand me, because I was unclear.

Of course I always put a patch in when I NMU.  But I don't necessarily
bother preparing a patch until it's time to actually NMU, when
preparing the patch isn't actually a help to the maintainer.

> It is extremely annoying if the first mail you find in your "package
> foo" mail folder is the message by katie (or who is it?) that a bug you
> didn't fix for one or the other reason has been fixed in an upload, but
> you never heard that anybody intended to NMU, what they did, and maybe
> why.

This doesn't happen in the scenario in question; we are talking about
where the maintainer has been asked "what do you plan to do about bug
NNN" and gotten no reply.  By definition, the uploadcan't be the first
mail you find in this case; it's at least the third.


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