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gpl vs openssl again

hey -devel,

the zombie of gpl vs. openssl has once again arisen from the grave,
this time, in one of the packages that i maintain (nagios-plugins).
as i'm on the upstream development team as well, i've already clarified
with the other developers there that this is an omission, and that
we'll either reword the copyright with an addendum or otherwise remedy
things for the short term[1].  fortunately there's no api or shared
library exported by nagios-plugins, so it doesn't affect any other

in the long run, i think it would be preferable to have this package
have support for gnutls as an alternative to openssl.  however, i don't
even know where to start on this.  does anyone here have some notes
or links handy where i could start for porting the few ssl-using
programs in nagios-plugins to use gnutls?  any volunteers to help
out?  if so (and it would be very much appreciated) contact me on
or off-list and i'll show you where the "offending" code is.


[1] please don't file an rc bug against my package for my having mentioned
    this... i've recently adopted it and would like to see the 30 some odd
    bugfixes make it into testing.

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