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Re: Please help me with this script!

On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 08:04:36PM +0300, Mihai Felseghi said
>  Hello , my name is Mihai Felseghi and I am interesed in becoming an Debian
> maintainer and for the start I want to build some packages on my own machine
> and learning how to do it .
> One of these days I was reading the "Debian New Maintainers' Guide" and
> found a script wich finds out what packages are nedded for building another
> package :
> strace -f -o /tmp/log ./configure
> # or make instead of ./configure, if the package doesn t use autoconf
> for x in dpkg -S $(grep open /tmp/log|\
> perl -pe 's!.* open\(\"([^\"]*).*!$1!' |\
> grep "^/"| sort | uniq|\
> grep -v "^\(/tmp\|/dev\|/proc\)" ) 2>/dev/null|\
> cut -f1 -d":"| sort | uniq'; \
> do \
> echo -n "$x (>=" 'dpkg -s $x|grep ^Version|cut -f2 -d":" ' "), "; \
> done
> but this does not work or maybe I don't know how to use it .
> So please help me with this issue , maybe you could give an advice where to
> find such a script or what I have to modify to make this work.
Perhaps try asking on the debian-mentors mailing list?


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