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request for pbuilder-user-mode-linux development/tester


I've not been able to resurrect user-mode-linux on my system,
and it doesn't run; and thus I'm looking for someone who
may be interested in pbuilder-uml, and has or has an intention of 
having functional user-mode-linux.

pbuilder-uml has been unmaintained for the past year; and 
I guess it will have some rough edges.

requirements are:

1. running testsuite/run-test-uml.sh daily to make sure pbuilder-uml
  is somewhat functional.

2. have a running user-mode-linux

3. commit fixes to pbuilder when pbuilder-uml doesn't seem to work;
  be a co-maintainer of pbuilder.

4. Cooperation with pbuilder-maint mailing list.


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