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Re: removal of support for /etc/hotplug/usb/

The udev rule I've written for the Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox looks like this:

SYSFS{modalias}="usb:v0471p0222*", NAME="njb%n", GROUP="audio", MODE="0666"

udevtest seems to indicate some success:

$ udevtest /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-2.3/1-2.3\:1.0/
version 056
looking at '/bus/usb/devices/1-2.3/1-2.3:1.0/'
opened class_dev->name='1-2.3:1.0'
configured rule in '/etc/udev/rules.d/nomad.rules[1]' applied,
'1-2.3:1.0' becomes 'njb%n'

When I plug the device in, the node doesn't actually seem to be created though:

$ find /dev /sys -name \njb*

I would like the /proc/bus/usb node to be symlinked to /dev/njb%d,
with the correct permissions applied, as well as loading the "fuse"
kernel module. Is this possible?


2005/10/10, Shaun Jackman <sjackman@gmail.com>:
>     SYSFS{modalias}="usb:v0471p0222d0100dcDCdsc00dp00ic*isc*ip*"
> Is this the correct place from where to start writing a udev rule?
> Cheers,
> Shaun
> 2005/9/15, Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>:
> > After having been deprecated for a long time, support for map files in
> > the /etc/hotplug/usb/ directory will be removed from the udev-hotplug
> ...
> > The affected packages are:
> ...
> > libnjb-hotplug
> ...

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