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Removing and replacing a binary package with a new source package?

I'm planning to remove ifp-line from the archive now that libifp (and
its ifp-line-equivalent) is mature and tested. Right now, the ifp-line
source package generates an ifp-line binary package, and the libifp
source package generates an ifp-line-libifp package (that Provides:

What's the best way to do this to avoid confusing the archive scripts
and/or bothering ftp-masters? The easiest thing to do would be file an
RM bug for ifp-line and just have libifp generate an ifp-line package
(which Provides: ifp-line-libifp). Is this going to cause any problems?
Do I need to wait for ifp-line to be removed before uploading the new
Joe Wreschnig <piman@debian.org>

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