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gnome-1 transition

A few weeks ago, libpng10-0 was removed from the archive.  A
consequence of this was that all gnome-1 packages (and there are a
number still around) instantly became FTBFS.

I am now the de-facto gnome-1 tsar, but I don't intend to do much
other than keep things limping along.  I am doing this because
gnucash, an important package IMHO, and which I maintain, requires
gnome-1 for the time being.

The gnome-1 core libraries have now been uploaded in versions that use
libpng12-0 instead of libpng10-0.  They are still working their way
through the autobuilders, at different rates on different archs.

Packages which link against gnome-1 core libraries should now rebuild,
and specify versioned dependencies against the new uploads when they
become available.  The relevant versions to depend on are as follows
(these are the source package names):

libgnome 1.4.2-24
gnome-print 0.37-10
bonobo 1.0.22-5
libcapplet 1:1.5.11-11
gtkhtml 1.1.10-8
libglade 1:0.17-4
gal 0.24-4
guppi 0.40.3-15

In addition, if you use any of the imlib or gdk-imlib packages, you
need the new versions (which have a new source package name):

imlib1-dev -> imlib11-dev
gdk-imlib1-dev -> gdk-imlib11-dev

Please recompile and upload packages which you maintain as these
versions become available on the arch you use for development work.
When you have recompiled, please *check* to make sure that the only
libpng linked into your package is libpng12-0, and that no imlib1
(only imlib11) packages are linked in.  (The best course is to have
none of the old -dev libraries even installed when you build.)

I apologize for this happening while we're trying to get the C++
transition completed.  It was not my choice to drop libpng10-0; I'm
only trying to patch things back together as expeditiously as possible
after that happened.

Once all the new libraries are available on the most common archs, I'm
going to propose a mass-bug-filing to request recompilation on those
packages that still need it, so that the old libpng10-0 and imlib1
binary libraries can be deleted from unstable.


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