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Re: pbuilder status update


> That said, I think it's good to use --resolve-deps by default for
> testing/unstable, so that override changes aren't that urgent (they don't
> break daily builds etc every other day), and can be batched up a bit, and
> processed when the dependency graph is a bit stable. Which may very well be
> only possible in the second half of a release cycle, but doing it really
> last-minute seems unwise to me.

I don't want to have to use different options for different distributions,
like switching to --resolve-deps for sid only. From QA point of view,
we are distributing something that is only lightly tested as a stable 
release; which means it will inevitably be broken in subtle ways
on architectures that are more lightly tested.

If Priorities aren't going to be updated in a timely manner within 
sid distribution, it might be time to rethink about its usefulness.


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