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Re: Race condition in /proc/bus/usb + hotplug

On Oct 04, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> wrote:

> 3. Open raw device file for reading, it is unprotected at this time
It is *always* unprotected, by default. But it (usually) does not
matter, because access is exclusive and the kernel drivers binding to
the device prevent userspace from accessing the pseudo-devices.

> It will be done when we deploy it on Debian and remove the buggy crap we
> have right now/apply a workaround for those not using udev/2.6.14.
It has been this way for years, so it can probably wait a couple of
months more. People who will not upgrade will get what they deserve.

> Are the current udev/hotplug config/agents dealing with USB devices
> comprehensive enough that just changing the usbfs mounting to root-only by
> default would simply work?
You need to ask the maintainers of the packages which use the
/proc/bus/usb/ pseudo-devices, udev and hotplug only provide


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