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RE: Developing a kiosk type system - advice needed


Thanks for your responses. The "suspend and always resume without
overwriting" is done by software suspend, with no problem. It is the
difficulty of resuming the writeable parts of the filesystem (/var and /tmp)
each time from an image which I am not sure about.

I am thinking about adding a script to the rc2.d (or other runlevel) which

         cat /ramdisks/var.img > /dev/ram1
        mount /dev/ram1 /var
	cat /ramdisks/tmp.img > /dev/ram2
	mount /dev/ram2 /tmp

...would that do the job? Maybe it is simpler than I thought :-/


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On Tue, October 4, 2005 1:04 pm, Petter Reinholdtsen said:
> [Simon Guerrero]
>> I am developing a "kiosk" type of system, where I want to a) boot up
>> fast
>> and b) be able to switch off and back on and restart with a clean image.
> Part a is a bit tricky, but should be solvable.  Part b sounds like a

about a) an partly b): would suspending (S4) to a swap file once and the
always resume from that without overwriting it reach the goal?
Note: never tried it.


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