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Developing a kiosk type system - advice needed

I am developing a "kiosk" type of system, where I want to a) boot up fast and b) be able to switch off and back on and restart with a clean image.
I have 1Gb filesys to play with (CF or similar) and 128-256mb RAM.
I was hoping to do something like this:
1. Make the disk read-only
2. Use software suspend with KEEPIMAGE to always start from a stored image, and do the following in a resume script:
        a. Load the 'writeable' parts of the system (e.g. /tmp, /var) from disk images and mount them into the right mount points
        b. Start up X and appropriate applications.
I don't want any data (e.g. cookies, cache, logs etc) to be saved, so that the box can be restored just by switching it off and back on.
I was looking at using loop devices to mount /var and /tmp, but how can I make sure that the image on the disk won't be changed? Can I mount a loop device so the ramdisk is writeable but the disk file isn't? Or can anyone suggest a better way of doing this?
Thanks for your help

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