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Re: What do you do if a package is built and not uploaded?

[Nathanael Nerode]
> I'm thinking of python2.1, which is a key element in some testing transitions.
> It's out of date on alpha, mips, mipsel, and powerpc -- *yet the buildd logs
> indicate successful builds on all of them on August 30*.  I have already
> emailed debian-mips@lists.debian.org, and the listed maintainers of the
> relevant alpha and powerpc buildds.

What to do?  Well, you curse the lack of transparecy in the buildd
maintainence process, and hope the problem will be fixed soon.  I've
not been able to find any other procedure that work better that this
simple approach.  I've tried to emailing Ryan Murray using the address
listed at the bottom of all the buildd web pages, but do not remember
if I ever got a reply.  I've tried emailing the porters list, but most
often this is either met with silence or I get a reply saying that the
buildd admins for the given arhc are not reading the porters list.
I've tried asking on IRC, and actually once got feedback from someone
claiming to be the buildd maintainer of the arch in question (no way
to verify this, have not found the list of maintainers), and some
times one of the porters are willing to do a manual build.

So, good luck, I hope your problem will be fixed soon.  I'll help you
with the cursing, and perhaps the problem is fixed sooner.  :)

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