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Re: Bug#330064: wm2 should provide a session file for kdm and gdm

On September 25, 2005 12:59, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> Additionally, I must have missed the announce on debian-devel for
> your bug mass-filing.

The window managers with a large number of users (judging from popcon.d.o) 
already provide such a file or have long-standing wishlist bugs requesting 
such a file, with few exceptions. Thus this minor round of wishlist bug 
filings did not represent a request to implement a radical, disruptive, 
novel, or release-affecting idea (any of which would certainly have merited 
d-devel attention) but rather a few wishlist filings for window managers 
whose maintainers were apparently not aware of the increasingly common 
practice of providing freedesktop.org display manager (i.e. gdm/kdm) 
support, perhaps due to having fewer users, which probably meant that no 
one had bothered to ask yet.

> * Christopher Martin <christopher.martin@utoronto.ca> [050925 18:03]:
> > To make wm2 a selectable option in gdm and kdm (though for the moment
> > kdm provides its own file), wm2 should ship
> > /usr/share/xsessions/wm2.desktop. These .desktop files take 2 minutes
> > to create. Examples of the contents of such files can be found in the
> > blackbox, afterstep, and wmaker packages.
> I'd rather suggest you ask the gdm and kdm people to support the Debian
> menu and let update-menus generate such .desktop files automatically. 
> There are already two things to register as window manager, adding a
> third looks very ugly...

If the Debian menu plans to enter the business of providing freedesktop.org 
window manager session files for display managers, then I must have missed 
the announcement. Certainly nothing was hinted at in the post-Sarge Debian 
menu future-plans message.

kdm provides a number of these session files itself at the moment, covering 
most of the window managers in Debian, fortunately, but upstream has mused 
about removing them, and with good reason, since it is hardly the job of a 
display manager to carry - and be obliged to maintain - a catalogue of 
window managers. Should these files ever be dropped from the package, kdm 
users would no doubt complain about their favourite window managers no 
longer being conveniently listed (and when outdated information in kdm's 
catalogue of .desktop files resulted in just that occurring recently, they 
did complain). To forestall such an eventuality, I decided to prompt the 
remaining window managers to join their more popular cousins in providing 
kdm/gdm support.

If you don't want to bother providing such support in wm2, then don't, but 
given the trivial effort of adding such support, and the virtually nil 
effort required to maintain it, I fail to see what is so terribly ugly or 
difficult about the situation. If the Debian menu plans to automate this 
for you at some point in the future, great. Until then...

Christopher Martin

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