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Re: /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/ --- Why ­­/etc ?

Jens Peter Secher <jps@debian.org> writes:

> Anthony DeRobertis <anthony@derobert.net> writes:
>> [ Complain about useless/unnecessary differences in Gnome /etc file. ]

>> Please, could someone tell me why these should not be in
>> /usr/share/gconf? Otherwise, I propose a mass bug filing.
> I wholeheartedly agree with this.  When a system administrator tries to
> get an overview of system changes or upgrades, there is just too much
> noise in /etc.  As an effect of this, I have had to special-case Gnome
> files in /etc in the changetrack package so that these files are
> ignored, which is obviously not ideal.

Also, the presence of 20MB of extra files in /etc/ is a serious
hindrance on machines with limited disk space or small root partitions.

cheers, Rich.

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