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Re: [Debian-ppc64-devel] You can't host a full Debian archive on Alioth

On 05-Sep-20 13:41, Raphaël Hertzog wrote:
> Alioth is running out of space and that's mostly because of the
> debian-ppc64 archive.
> Please use the alioth project for what it is: a project coordination
> place. Not a Debian repository.
> Please remove the archive and host it somewhere else. You should keep
> only what's useful to start helping :
> - failed build logs
> - patches
> Please act promply and reply to us or we'll arbitrarily remove a part of
> it so that we have again a bit of free space.

Hello Raphaël,

I just freed about 25 GB of disk space on alioth. That space was  
occupied by the old amd64/gcc-4.0 archive which was used to prepare
the Debian transition from gcc-3.3 to gcc-4.0. Now that the transition
to gcc-4.0 is almost complete, that archive will no longer be 
necessary for any purpose.

Generally, alioth has been used to host full Debian repositories for a 
long time now.

The various amd64 repositories have been hosted on alioth from the 
beginning of 2004 until a few month ago and the ppc64 repository has 
been hosted on alioth since December 2004. The request for the
debian-ppc64 alioth project explicitly stated that a binary 
package repository for native ppc64 packages would be created.

I understand from your mail that the policy for alioth projects has 
changed since then.

I currently have no other place to host a public archive for the
native 64-bit Debian-ppc64 port. Because of this, I did not yet
delete the debian-ppc64 archive from alioth as you requested.

I hope that someone has an idea what to do with the debian-ppc64
archive and that alioth can host it until a better solution is

The ppc64 archive currently has a size of about 30 GB, but
I will probably be able reduce this to about 15 GB by dropping 
old package versions. Hopefully this will be acceptable.

Andreas Jochens

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