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access to debian mirror pools

Hello All:

I have noticed a behavior which I can't quite understand. I had noticed that some of my computers getting files from http.us.debian.org had consistently lower bandwidths than others pointed to the same source.

I have investigated this by grabbing individual files with wget and I have discovered that the same IP address is selected each time I run wget on a specific computer. Different computers access different IP addresses but each one ALWAYS uses the same one. I have tried using the --no-dns-cache as in the wget manual but that changes nothing.

I was under the impression that http.us.debian.org is a random pool, and indeed, when I use the 'host http.us.debian.org' command repeatedly, I get the IP addresses in a different order every time, it is strange that wget (and apparently apt-get as well) doesn't randomize.

Any insights?  Is this a bug, if so for what package?


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