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Re: Easy third-party package installer for debian-based distributions

@ 18/09/2005 17:55 : wrote Josselin Mouette :
 This is complete overkill. The only thing currently missing in your
 scenario is support in apt-get and synaptic for grabbing dependencies
 for a single binary package. E.g. "apt-get install foo.deb" or
 "synaptic foo.deb".

There was some patch to apt that allowed this, but people seemed not to like it for some reason... Personally, I think that

apt-get install --from http://someserver.com/debian,main,etch packagename_version_arch.deb


apt-get install --from http://someserver.com/debian,main,etch packagename

should do the same as:

1. editing sources.list and putting "deb http://..."; there;
2. apt-get update ONLY FROM the line inserted in (1)
3. editing apt.conf and giving a BIG priority to the line
4. apt-get -f install packagename[=version]
5. UNDO STEPS 3, 2, 1

with the twist that the default --from would be "file:/$PWD,.", and that the file: protocol would read the directory in absence of Packages file.


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