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Re: Standardizing ~/.cache/ and similar things.

On Sunday 18 September 2005 17:43, Faré wrote:
> Dear Debian developers,
> here is a proposal I submit for inclusion in the debian policy:
> PROPOSAL 1: ~/.cache/${package_name}/
> All packages that keep a per-user directories caches of data that need
> not be archived/backed up should put it in ~/.cache/${package_name}/
> instead of wherever they put it currently.

Given PROPOSAL 3 below, shouldn't this be ~/.var/cache or something like 

> PROPOSAL 3: ~/.run/ ~/.lib/ ~/.share, etc.
> Programs that insist to install stuff in the user's directory (such as
> openoffice, gimp, etc.), or that have runtime files (such as emacs'
> .saves-*) should put this stuff in a proper hierarchy that mirrors the
> categories of the FHS, only on a per-user basis. This will help
> administration of per-user installed stuff in the same way that the
> FHS helps with machine-global installed stuff.

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