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last change to save (adopt) some packages


I have more than a few packages that I've been looking to get rid of for
some time.  No one's taken them, so I'm going to request the ftp masters
drop some of them if no one takes them within the few weeks.  These
packages are:

* messagewall - An SMTP proxy daemon, designed to help keep out unwanted

This package no longer has an upstream maintainer.  If you want it,
you'll probably need to become upstream as well.  Otherwise, I'll have
it dropped from the archive.

* firedns - an asynch. dns resolver library

This library is by the same author as messagewall, and is still
maintained; however, there haven't been any new releases in a while.
Messagewall depends upon it, as well as a few other things not in debian
(such as dsbl.org's tester program(s)).  It's actually a neat little
library, but with nothing else in Debian using it, there's not much
point in keep it in the archive.

* firestring - a string handling library

Again, this library is by the same author as messagewall, and is still
maintained.  Messagewall depends upon it, but nothing else in Debian
uses it.  I'm going to have it removed from the archive if no one wants

* libxml-ruby - Ruby interface to libxml
* libxslt-ruby - Ruby interface to libxslt

These are fairly useful; however, afaict they are no longer maintained
upstream.  There is a fairly sordid history here; basically, the
original author (Sean Chittenden) stopped maintaining them around 2002
or 2003.  He licensed them under a BSD license (iirc).  In 2003,
Gregoire Lejeune started maintaining libxslt; however, he relicensed the
program under the GPL, and stripped off Sean's copyright information
(violating Sean's license); this is according to Sean, anyways.  At some
point in 2004/2005, someone named Trans Onoma imported them into the
xml-tools [1] repository, but he hasn't worked on them since 2004 or so.
I have no idea whether or not he intends to actively maintain them.

Sid still contains Sean's last releases, from 2002/2003.  I don't know
whether Gregoire's latest version even contains any of Sean's original
code; I no longer have a use for either of these packages, so I haven't
bothered to figure it out.  Whoever takes over these packages should
probably talk to the upstream (or ask on one of the ruby lists) to find
out which will actively be maintained.  Both licenses are problematic
for libraries as well, so maybe simply rewriting them from scratch under
the LGPL or 3-clause BSD would be the best way to go here.

Given the licensing pains and upstream squabbling, I'm going to remove
these from the archive if no one takes them.

* libhtml-tokenizer-ruby - simple HTML tokenizer/parser for Ruby

This is a really easy package, and still actively maintained [2]
upstream.  It's great for quickly parsing html; I used it in scripts to
interface the bitkeeper web interface, back when Linus used bitkeeper
(so that I didn't have to install the non-free bk client).  However, now
that Linus uses git, I don't have a use for this package.

I'll simply orphan this one, if no one takes it.

* par2 - Parity Archive Volume Set, for checking and repair of files

If you've ever downloaded those funny .par2 files off newgroups, this is
the tool you need to actually make use of them.  It's maintained
upstream (afaict), but hasn't had a new release in a while.  I'll orphan
this one as well, if no one takes it.

[1] http://rubyforge.org/projects/xml-tools/
[2] http://rubyforge.org/projects/htmltokenizer/

Andres Salomon <dilinger@debian.org>

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