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Debian packages of MaxDB 7.6 in experimental - Call for testers


Debian packages of the 7.6.00 release series of the MaxDB database system are now available in the experimental distribution. Next to the source package, there are binary packages for i386 and ia64 available.

While you can have both the maxdb-server-7.5.00 and maxdb-server-7.6.00 package installed alongside each other, the packages from the 7.6.00 release series will replace most of the packages that are now provided by packages built from the maxdb-7.5.00 source package. Therefore it is important to have the new 7.6.00 packages well tested before making them available in unstable to avoid unpleasant surprises.

My intention is to keep the new maxdb-7.6.00 packages in experimental for at least a month (for the most part of that time I will be on vacation and unavailable anyway) and if necessary do another upload to experimental after that time. If no major problems have been discovered until then I will prepare a new upload that will then go directly to unstable.

Please take the time and have a go with the packages on a test machine, especially if you are already using packages from the 7.5.00 release series. Of course, I am most interested in any problems you encounter when having the 7.5.00 packages already installed.

Thanks for your help and good luck with the packages,


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