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Re: RFC: XINE and plugins without Depends cause hangs due to a bug

* Adeodato Simó [Wed, 14 Sep 2005 02:38:28 +0200]:

>   I believe the "not coping" above is a xine bug, but one that I have no
>   time, nor interest, on hunting, reporting upstream, or whatever. I
>   will file it in our BTS, though, by sending a copy of this mail. But
>   still, and in the meantime, its effects are biting our users for real.
  New upstream version 1.0.2 contains a patch "to cope", so:

>   I plan on workarounding this in a NMU by reverting to plain
>   dh_shlibdeps behavior until the bug described above gets fixed.

  The NMU will backport the patch instead.


Adeodato Simó
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