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Re: Managing users and groups within multiple devel chroots.

[Ernestas V.]
> Perhaps hard/symlinking original /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and
> /etc/group to chrooted environments would help?

Symlinks won't work.  Think about what a chroot environment *is*.

Hardlinks will only work if the programs that edit /etc/passwd and
/etc/group overwrite them rather than copy / unlink.

Bind mounts will work
(mount --bind /etc/passwd /mnt/sarge-chroot/etc/passwd)
but apparently don't support locking all of a file's representations,
so you would need to be careful not to run adduser in multiple chroots
at once (like doing several dist-upgrades in parallel, or having users
log in to different chroots and all try to change their passwords at

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