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removal of support for /etc/hotplug/usb/

After having been deprecated for a long time, support for map files in
the /etc/hotplug/usb/ directory will be removed from the udev-hotplug
subsystem. This is scheduled to happen next month, when most of the
current hotplug package will be replaced by a new coldplug program
which will be part of udev.

While udev provides and currently enables by default an helper program
to maintain compatibility with /etc/hotplug.d/, no such program exists
for map files and I do not think it would be useful to write one
(conversion to hotplug.d scripts would be easier).

This means that the following packages will have to convert their map
files to udev rules files. Please remember that rules files MUST NOT be
installed in /etc/udev/rules.d/ but in /etc/udev/, and packages should
create symlinks to rules.d/ only when installed for the first time and
never again.

If you want to keep support for 2.4-based systems which can only use the
old hotplug package then you will need to convert your script to an
hotplug.d script, but please remember that future versions of udev will
disable by default processing of hotplug.d and dev.d.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help to fix your package.
Many of the scripts can be replaced with an udev rule to set the
appropriate permissions or directly start/stop the relevant daemon, I
added some comments below for a few packages which I checked.

The affected packages are:

kino (just run killall or start-stop-daemon from the rule)
libgphoto2-2 (should use a proper rule to change the permissions)
kcontrol (should use a proper rule to change the permissions)


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