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libpng news: mass bug-filing, test experimental version

Thanks to the work already done for sarge, it will be possible to have
quite some clean libpng packages for etch. A little remains to do:

     1. Removal of the entire libpng source package. All packages still
        depending on it will have to be rebuilt.
     2. Removal of libpng3-dev. It will be provided by libpng12-dev.
     3. Move of libpng3 to oldlibs. It is still needed by legacy
        applications of software built on other distributions.

This only means rebuilding some packages. I intend to mass-file bugs
asking for rebuilding soon, at severity normal. The severity will be
made RC as soon as the packages are removed.

Additionnaly, there are some changes I'd like to see in the libpng 1.2
package, especially the removal of non-public symbols from the ABI. The
list of private exported symbols keeps growing at each upstream release,
and this will surely cause namespace conflicts. Of course, this means
programs messing up with internal libpng structures will stop working.
Please test libpng1.2.8rel-2, which was uploaded to experimental and
contains this change. You should check that your packages using libpng
work properly with this version.

Here is the list of packages needing a rebuild. They should be made to
build-depend on libpng-dev for binaries, or libpng12-dev for libraries.

akira yamada <akira@debian.org> -- libart-ruby1.6
akira yamada <akira@debian.org> -- libgnome-ruby1.6
Alan Bain <afrb2@debian.org> -- xnecview
Daniel Franklin <d.franklin@ieee.org> -- printbill
David Martínez Moreno <ender@debian.org> -- xmovie
Debian GNOME Maintainers <pkg-gnome-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org> -- libgtkxmhtml1
Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org> -- libgtkxmhtml-perl
Erik Schanze <schanzi_@gmx.de> -- gif2png
Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org> -- pgplot5
Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org> -- wip
Jan-Hendrik Palic <jan.palic@linux-debian.de> -- gnome-iconedit
Kevin Glynn <glynn@info.ucl.ac.be> -- mozart-gtk
Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel@mamane.lu> -- gnotepad+
Mark Baker <mbaker@iee.org> -- chimera2
Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> -- exult-studio
Peter Palfrader <weasel@debian.org> -- stereograph
Phil Blundell <pb@debian.org> -- dillo
Polkan Alexis Garcia Rodriguez <pagarcia@slcolombia.org> -- matanza
Ryan Murray <rmurray@debian.org> -- libgdk-pixbuf2
Sebastien Bacher <seb128@debian.org> -- python-gnome-1.2
Steve Dunham <dunham@debian.org> -- amaya
Steve M. Robbins <smr@debian.org> -- gdk-imlib1
Steve M. Robbins <smr@debian.org> -- imlib1
Sven Luther <luther@debian.org> -- liblablgtk-ocaml
Sven Velt <sven@velt.de> -- tuxpuck
Theodore Karkoulis <bilbo@debian.org> -- amsn
Uwe Hermann <uwe@debian.org> -- pixelize

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