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Re: Bug#327081: ITP: rpmstrap -- bootstrap a basic RPM-based system

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 12:12 -0500, Sam Hart wrote:
> For what it's worth, rpmstrap as it is today is actually based on a tool
> developed in house at Progeny. This tool could only bootstrap Fedora
> Core 2 at a specific revision. Looking at that code now and comparing it
> to what I see inside of debootstrap, the only real similarities I see
> are that they both have functions common to /many/ other shell scripts
> (usage(), die(), warn(), trace()).
> I will have to check the legacy on this tool used internally at Progeny
> to ensure nothing came from debootstrap, but to the best of my knowledge
> it did not. In fact, looking at this internal tool now, it is only 314
> lines of code, 153 of which are lists of FC2 packages, so it doesn't
> seem likely to share any common ancestry with debootstrap.

I have just been given permission to post the original internal tool
used at Progeny which rpmstrap is based upon, in case anyone would care
to check the legacy for debootstrap code.

This original tool was also called "rpmstrap" and was written from
scratch by Branden Robinson. It does not contain any code borrowed from

The first appearance of rpmstrap in the internal Progeny svn is the
following code:

The most current revision of rpmstrap in the same svn is:

This is the actual base for what is now rpmstrap as I maintain. It is
also why the current rpmstrap is GPLv2.

The one thing I have just realized is that the current rpmstrap script
does not actually have Branden's name in it as an author (although his
name does exist in some of the suite scripts). I will rectify this
shortly and apologize for the oversight.

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