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Re: Bug#323227: new list: debian-planet to distribute planet.debian.org postings; archive to enable searching

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> | I'd like to have a debian-planet list that would receive blog postings
> | from planet.debian.org.
> | 
> | The main reason is that after postings expire on the planet website,
> | it's very hard to find old postings if you cannot remember who wrote
> | it. Think of "there was some nice sh script snippet" or "someone
> | pointed to that great package". Now you have to manually browse all
> | feeds or hope for google. Having a regular list archive on
> | lists.debian.org would solve this.
> I would like this not to happen.  Having your feed syndicated on
> planet.debian does not mean you want all your postings to end up in a
> public mail archive somewhere.

Isn't this a bit bogus since even if your web log does not support displaying
items that are older than say two months, the chance that they're found by
the internet archive is quite high, except that you've explicitely disallowed
this, and as well for planet.debian.org?

Maybe, if you don't want your output to be found on the Internet, you
should not make it available on the Internet?



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