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Re: bugs.d.o: usertags and user categories

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Hello world,
> There's been a bunch of changes to the BTS over the past couple of
> months, pretty much leading up to, during, and following debconf [0].
> These are the next two. :)
> [0] Blocking bugs, min/maxdays, bug subscriptions, version tracking,
>     prettier bug report pages, prettier package report pages, ability
>     to change options from the package report pages rather than just by
>     editing urls or going back to the main page, internal changes to how
>     mail works that fixes some long standing bugs, some internal support
>     to make cookies plausible, a couple of new members to the BTS team,
>     maybe some other stuff I've forgotten...

The only new stuff that seems to be documented in the help files for BTS
is the version tracking stuff. Everything else (bug subscriptions, user
tags) hasn't hit the documentation yet.

--Ken Bloom

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