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Re: Handling event device files [was: Bug#324604: [Fwd: The bug persists]]

On Sep 11, Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> wrote:

> 1) generate more device files in the postinst of the package with
>    mknod (which is a policy violation IIRC)

> 2) make makedev produce more of these files (but probably most users
>    don't need them, at least not on desktop PCs which have seldomly
>    two mouses or keyboards)
It could be done, but many users would need anyway to adjust the
permissions (which is hard, because a device can easily move among

> 3) Just tell each user to fix it himself (e.g. in a README.Debian
>    file). Not really complicated, just some calls to mknod
>    (or an installation of udev), but...
I favour this. If for some weird reason an user does not want to use
udev, let him deal with the results without having to make your package
more complex.


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