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Re: Bug#326945: ITP: shorten -- tool for fast compression of waveform files


On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 02:43:42PM -0500, Graham Wilson wrote:
>  This software is being provided to you, the LICENSEE, by Tony Robinson
>  and SoftSound under the following license.  By obtaining, using and/or
>  copying this software, you agree that you have read, understood, and
>  will comply with these terms and conditions:
>  This software may not be sold or incorporated into any product which is
>  sold without prior permission from SoftSound.  When no charge is made,
>  this software may be copied and distributed freely.
>  Permission is granted to use this software for decoding and
>  non-commercial encoding (e.g. private or research use).  Please email
>  shorten@softsound.com for commercial encoding terms.
This does not give permission to redistribute, does it?
In this case the program would not even be fit for non-free.

Also the "By obtaining [...] this software, you agree that you have
read [and] understood [...] these terms and conditions:" clause sounds
quite dubious to me.

I hope this helps,

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