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David Pashley wrote:
> John Hasler praised the llamas by saying:
> > And helping people get off C4LL W4VE is not our job.
> Surely we should do our best to help all computer users, not just Debian
> users. :)

It is not practical nor even possible to do so.  The noise is

I have a problem scanning and faxing with my computer.  I hold the
paper up against the monitor and press "enter" but my computer must
not be able to see it because it does not work.  Can you help me too?

Should I send you a photocopy of the original cdroms that I used to
install on my system?  It is Plan9 will that matter?  I will be sure
to make sure the are the originals that I used because I have heard
that copies of cdroms don't always work.

I am not subscribed so you will need to mail me directly.  And oh by
the way, I also did not include my real address on this message to
avoid getting spam.


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