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Re: Bug#326578: ITP: bashpodder -- Easy to use RSS aggregator bas h script

* Hamish Moffatt ::

> I just packaged podracer last week, which is a derivative of 
> bashpodder.
> Is there any benefit to having both?
> The podracer license is MIT/BSD-style, so if the bashpodder license is
> GPL, something's not quite right!

Does a 14-line bash script (*) contains enough creative work to be
copyrightable? Anyway, podracer does not seem a derivative work, having
a big piece of python included.

(*) bashpodder in all its glory, sans comments:

cd $(dirname $0)
datadir=$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
test -d $datadir || mkdir $datadir || exit 1
rm -f temp.log
while read podcast; do
        file=$(wget -q $podcast -O - | xsltproc parse_enclosure.xsl - 2> /dev/null) || file=$(wget -q $podcast -O - | tr '\r' '\n' | tr \' \" | sed -n 's/.*url="\([^"]*\)".*/\1/p')
        for url in $file; do
		grep -q "$url" podcast.log || wget -q -P $datadir "$url" && echo $url >> temp.log
done < bp.conf
cat podcast.log >> temp.log
sort temp.log | uniq > podcast.log
rm temp.log
ls $datadir | grep -v m3u > $datadir/podcast.m3u


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