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Re: Bug#323227: new list: debian-planet to distribute planet.debian.org postings; archive to enable searching

<quote who="Christoph Berg" date="Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 05:08:58PM +0200">
> I'd like to have a debian-planet list that would receive blog
> postings from planet.debian.org.
> The main reason is that after postings expire on the planet website,
> it's very hard to find old postings if you cannot remember who wrote
> it. Think of "there was some nice sh script snippet" or "someone
> pointed to that great package". Now you have to manually browse all
> feeds or hope for google. Having a regular list archive on
> lists.debian.org would solve this.
> Joey has already set up a list for that privately, but it is not
> archived publically. Providing that service from lists.debian.org
> would recognize the importance of planet.debian.org to Debian
> culture.

Is this private list available for other people to subscribe to? At
the very least, can we document this?

It sounds like a number of people would be happier with with this both
as an unofficial service and a non-public archived list. If Joey is
not happy with running this, I'm happy to set up the rss2email program
on a list at my own site. 

Of course, it's not clear to me if there is a name suggestion other
than "debian-planet" that would make an official list possible. I
still tend to think this would be the best situation.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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