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Section 6.3 should reference 3.10.1 (was: It is 23:53, do you know whether your package (un)installs cleanly?)

Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:
>         * Some packages still don't use debconf for prompting, and
>           instead do silly stuff that assumed it is OK to read and
>           write /dev/tty.

Actually, the policy explicitly allows this:

| The maintainer scripts are guaranteed to run with a controlling terminal
| and can interact with the user. If they need to prompt for passwords, do
| full-screen interaction or something similar you should do these things
| to and from /dev/tty, [...]
[Debian Policy, section 6.3]

This should probably changed a bit to reference 3.10.1, which says that
all means to prompt the user besides debconf are deprecated.

I'm not yet sure that this my view is right, so I only CCed -policy (and
have not filed a bug yet).

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