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Re: a place for a package directory in root

Hello Steve,

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 09:11:31PM +0000, Joerg Sommer wrote:
>> It seems there is a misunderstanding. bootchart is a shell script that is
>> started as init (kernel prompt init=/sbin/bootchart), which then forks
>> the real init to start the real boot process. While init does its work
>> bootchart collects some data about cpu load and hard disk usage, and
>> (now) writes them to /run. After the boot process has ended, bootchart
>> packs the data, stores them in a file in the real filesystem and quits.
>> After the boot process there might be processes they rely on a mounted
>> /run, because bootchart can't unmount it. But we need it before init is
>> started, becaus we want to watch init what it does.
> Hrm.  If this information is all just being copied to the real
> filesystem at the end of the boot process anyway, why does it need to
> write it out to disk instead of just storing it in memory, anyway?

Bootchart forks also a program that collects process informations: acct.
This can't hold its data in memory and write them later. This is out of
reach for bootchart.

Currently bootchart do not support holding data in memory, but I can talk
to upstream about this issue. Regardless of this, I need a writable
filesystem for acct.

Regards, Jörg.
Der Wille, und nicht die Gabe macht den Geber.

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