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Re: mesag3 <-> xlibmesa-gl / libgl1-mesa-dri <-> xlibmesa-dri / libglu1-mesa <-> libglu1-xorg

On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 22:00 -0600, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 12:07:46PM +1000, Daniel Stone wrote:
>  > Sorry, I've really just not had any time recently, and there are some
>  > things I wanted to clean up before I fired off to you (e.g. the
>  > Build-Dep on glut, which introduced horrible Build-Deps and other
>  > hilarity which meant that the Arch: all build *had* to come last,
>  > etc).  I'll try to get it to you this week.
>  Oh, you got me there.
>  On GLUT?  I didn't spot that one.  The demos depend on GLUT, but I
>  haven't updated those yet.

Right.  My solution for that was to split them into a separate
mesa-utils source package, with a slightly hacked Makefile.  They build
just fine independently.

The problem with Mesa Build-Depping on glut is so:
  * mesa depends on glut to build, which depends on libgl1-mesa-dev
  * buildd goes to install libgl1-mesa-dev to fulfill B-Ds
  * libgl1-mesa-dev deps mesa-common-dev (= ${Source-Version})
  * mesa-common-dev version n is in the archive from the maintainer
  * but libgl1-mesa-dev for, say, hppa, is still n-1
   -> uninstallable B-Ds

As a short-term move, since we don't have Glide support in 6.3 anyway, I
just disabled the Glide packages and moved the headers across.

>  But don't rush, I was just wondering if the email got lost :-)

No, not at all.

>  Please do check the 6.3.2 packages, I suspect we have fixed the same
>  things each on our own.  I introduced another of those .map hacks for
>  the drivers.  I also tried to make it easier to disable building some
>  of the targets, guessing that other distros aren't interested in the
>  more exotic ones.

Oh, excellent.  We're still building all the targets, but yeah.  I did a
bit of .map hacking for the drivers, allowing you to restrict things to
prefix and postfix.

I'll hopefully get to having a look at your packages tomorrow.  Again,
sorry I've been so slack, but I just haven't had any time.


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