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Bug#325935: ITP: warzone2100 -- 3D realtime strategy on a future Earth

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo <fenio@debian.org>

Hash: SHA1

* Package name    : warzone2100
  Version         : 0.2.2
  Upstream Author : originaly Pumpkin Studios, now developed by:
                    Roman C., Denis Dupeyron, Mike Gilmore, Marcus Hast
                    Adam Holland, Kevin Malec, Per I Mathisen
                    Dion Mendel, Kim Metcalfe, Christian Ohm
                    Victor Qamly, Ben Russon, Rodolphe Suescun
* URL             : http://www.realtimestrategies.net/forums/index.php
* License         : GPL + some files that need to be checked
  Description     : 3D realtime strategy on a future Earth

Upon entering the game you land from your transport and establish your
base. Here you conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new
structures and prepare your plans of global conquest. If the game goes
badly you'll end up fighting last ditch battles here to defend your base
from enemy attacks.

Combat is frenetic, with extensive graphical effects and damage to the
terrain and buildings giving rise to flying shrapnel and boulders. Within
the game are many different structures and vehicles. From an initial
Command Centre, you then go on to build Resource Extractors to provide fuel
for Power Generators, which in turn supply energy to Factories, Research
Facilities and weapons emplacements to protect your base. Features:

    * 400+ Technologies to research
    * 2,000+ different units to design
    * 3 Large campaign maps to conquer
    * 24 Fast play mission maps for extra action
    * Intelligence Display sets objectives dynamically
    * Interactive message system
    * Fast Play Interface graphically Based
    * Quick Screen Navigation
    * Fast Find System for units & structures
    * Set Factories to constant production
    * Automatically send each factory's units to where you want them 


I don't intend to upload this game anytime soon. Some license issues have
to be fixed first. In fact this ITP is mainly to avoid someone else is
duplicating work.

I'll make unofficial package to easy installation procedure for
Debian/Ubuntu users.

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