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Re: RFS: libssh - SSH and SCP library


> > > You will probably want to look at the following code:
> > > 
> > > gnutls:libextra/gnutls_openssl.c
> > > 	This code is incomplete, but does most of the things
> > 
> > The part that misses is the part I need :( (ie PEM_read_DSAPrivateKey
> > and PEM_read_RSAPrivateKey)
> Considering they should be really necessary for decent crypto; 
> I would dig up code from the existing ssh implementations.

By using libcrypto code and websites, I managed to rewrite the code that
was missing. Hope I didn't do this to ugly.
I updated my packages (deb     http://dgnr.free.fr/ repository/)
So I ask for RFS again, if nobody complains about it.

Jean-Philippe Garcia Ballester

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