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Re: Mua ve may bay

Chung toi xin gui loi cho tran trong nhat toi DAi ly .
Hien nay, Chung toi dang can mua 4 ve khu hoi di tu HN
den TP HCM va nguoc lai. 
 - chieu di: HN-HCM, ngay 02/09/2005.
 - chieu ve: HCM - HN, ngay ve de mo (Co the dieu
chinh ngay ve tu 13/09/2005 den 16/09/2005.
  De nghi dai ly cung cap cho chung toi mot so thong
tin ve gia ve, gio bay,..cua hai hang hang khong:
Vietnam Airline va Pacific Airline.
   Dai ly co the goi cho chung toi theo so may:
     Anh Truong:  04.7655121, so le:226.
                DD: 0983498386

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