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libphp-adodb: Don't do silent transitions of library files! (from /usr/share/adodb to /usr/share/php/adodb)

(Note: CC'ing debian-devel since this transition seems to be something that
some other PHP packages are doing too. This is a warning so that others don't
make a similar mistake)

Dear maintainer,

Since version 4.64-1 of libphp-adodb you moved the adodb Php files
from /usr/share/adodb to /usr/share/php/adodb. This has prompted
bugs #320782, #322082 and uploads fixing this from other packages (like
acidlab and phpgacl, which I maintain and sponsor respectively).

IF you make this king of changes _you_ are in the obligation of notifying the
package maintainers that use your package so that they fix the location of
the include files. Otherwise, you are breaking all the Php files that use
Adodb without notice. Maintainers should not be hearing from users first
about this problem, they should have been notified by you that they:

a) had to change their include paths to /usr/share/php/adodb
b) had to change their Depends: line to be 'libphp-adodb (>= 4.50-1)'
  instead of just 'libphp-adodb'

A simple 'apt-cache showpkg rdepends libphp-adodb' would have provided
you with the list of packages that need to be notified. In any case, 
I have already filed bugs for either a) or b) to all the packages that 
looked buggy after inspecting their source code (cacti, flyspray and 



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