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Re: Bug#325289: ITP: debian-hebrew -- Hebrew support in the Debian desktop

Lior Kaplan wrote:

>Package: wnpp
>Severity: wishlist
>Owner: Lior Kaplan <webmaster@guides.co.il>
>* Package name    : debian-hebrew
>  Version         : 1.0.5
>  Upstream Author : Yaacov Zamir <kzamir@walla.co.il>
>* URL             : http://debian-hebrew.alioth.debian.org
>* License         : GPL
>  Description     : Hebrew support in the Debian desktop
> This meta package will install Hebrew desktop related Debian
> packages for use by Hebrew debian users.
> .
> It also includes a script 'hebrew-settings' to reconfigure
> the system to have a fully Hebrew-ized desktop.
> .
> Homepage: http://debian-hebrew.alioth.debian.org/
Hmm... wouldn't it be better to call it "user-hebrew", just like
"user-euro-es", for example??
Basically, so as to avoid namespace pollution and potential confussion
among users

Any comments/feedback welcome.


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