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get-orig-source target in debian/rules


	I would like to ask if it is a good idea to have some code in cdbs 
implementing the get-orig-source target which could then be included in 


	* Since it is a common target I think it could be provided by cdbs or 
any similar package and should not be reinvented every now and then.
	* This target is optional, but providing it if possible is a good idea as 
said in Policy 4.8. 
	* Could be handy for the pkg-* projects keeping *only* their debian/ 
directories on a SCM  to get the orig-source ... just a target away.

The bad thing is that it (cdbs) should depend on some fetching tool like wget 
or probably http or ftp methods (/usr/lib/apt/methods) of apt could be used as 
downloaders to fetch the tarballs ?

Here is a sample illustrating /*not tested and probably insane*/ code.

These variables should be set in debian/rules 
( if any of these is not set we can stop ?:
# debuild expects to find orig tarball in ../
UDIR = ..
MD5CUR=`md5sum $(UDIR)/$(UFILE) | awk '{print $$1}'`

This target could be provided by some cdbs file and included in debian/rules:

        if [ ! -f $(UDIR)/$(UFILE_ORIG) ] ; then \
        	wget -O $(UDIR)/$(UFILE_ORIG) $(UPATH)/$(UFILE) ; \
        else \
        	echo "Upstream source tarball have been already downloaded" ; \

        if [ "$(MD5CUR)" != "$(MD5TRU)" ] ; then \
        	echo "md5sum mismatch!" ; \
        	false ; \
        else \
       		echo "md5sum is ok!" ; \

Again, I'm not sure if cdbs is the best place to provide this target, and if 
not which other package could be considered as well. 

P.S. Also sent to cdbs ML.

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