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Re: Xvidcap, mplayer and rte (was Re: Fun with the NEW queue)

On 10392 March 1977, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

Note: Im speaking *for me*, not anyone else in the team!

>> As you may have noticed, the beloved target of many flamewars, the
>> NEW queue [1] has been reduced to an average of less than 10
>> packages. Packages are processed within days, sometimes even within
>> hours.
> Thank you for the work you've done helping fix this problem. In any
> case I'm unsure as to why xvidcap - #289168 (or mplayer or rte - #112699
> for that matter) have not been processed after several months in 
> the NEW queue.

Ha. I should have made a bet on this, I would have won. "Can we please
go back in time, i want my bet?!" :)

> Either:
> - ftp-masters are not happy about having ffmpeg source code in Debian.
>   This seems the most probable cause. But the funny thing is that
>   avifile already _does_ include the same ffmpeg source code as
>   xvidcap does (see 227408) (and the later does not even compile it, 
>   whileas avifile does) and there _is_ already a ffmpeg package in Debian 
>   (#199266). So ?

People make mistakes? :)

> - the packages fail to comply some of the issues you point out in your
>   mail.

Nah, not that alone. If it would only be so easy. :)

> Either case they should be REJECTED with a proper reasoning as to
> why they have been rejected. If they cannot be packaged they should
> be included to http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/unable-to-package

Its more.
a.) mplayer is also a nice flamewar target, so anything with it needs a
    *good* reason, in whatever direction it may go.
b.) The whole mpeg-crap is just a bad example of patent-crap *and*
    enforcing them. AFAIK decoding hasnt got any threat anywhere, but
    encoding had. So atm its the safe road.

But I asked another DD which I trust with license crap to go and look
whats up with all those stuff around mpeg. (If you simply look into the
news you see different bad events involving lawyers here and there).
I recently got a text back from him, but now I need some time to go
through it, following the pointers, reading stuff, etc.
And then ask all other team members what they think about it.

Remember point one of "What NEW is about" in my mail? :)

Anyways, I think it will get forward within the next few weeks, whatever
that may actually be. :)

bye Joerg
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fish bait, instead of getting invited into weird math experiments.
		-- Lars Wirzenius

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