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Re: better init.d/* : who carres ?

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Andrew Porter wrote:
> Both require knowledge of a particular tools - one only one tool though.
> Once you have that knowledge I would suggest that the single command
> version is easier to read (though I personally would use awk).

awk is in /usr, and I recall I got problems with at least one initscript
that I wanted to work without /usr (and it ONLY referred to stuff in /bin
and /sbin otherwise, including the service proper) because of awk.

> Also, in pursuit of faster boot times, the single process solution is
> more keen.


> Of course this would all be so much simpler if we could actually use the
> power of modern shells (post 1993) in init scripts - subprocesses
> wouldn't be required at all....

Is there a reason why we cannot do so in Debian?  IMHO we should strive to
have initscripts use everything available in ash (as long as it is also in
bash) that could help them run better.   And drop posh as the irrelevance it
really is.

This would not hold true for upstream initscripts, or for third-party ones,
but Debian is a controlled environment on that regard.

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