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Re: better init.d/* : who carres ?

On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 09:35 +0200, Marc Chantreux wrote:

> that is a point which surprise me : i understand the dash for a posix 
> and lightweight attitude but why use bash as "modern shell" ? why not 
> perl or zsh (which are both more powerfull) ?

bash is actually pretty good if you know how to use it (and most of the
ksh93 comliant functions) - the problem is that most programmers don't.
The ${} constructs add a lot of power and allow the programmer to be
less reliant on external tools.

> in zsh, for example, pipes are not required anymore for the 
> mysqld_get_param function :

Your example is little different to a good ksh/bash implementation
(though pipes aren't a bad thing so shouldn't necessarily be shyed away

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