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Re: [PATCH] Simple parallellized boot sequence (and a plea for LSB complience)

* Jon Dowland 

| On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 08:52:36AM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| > If you have an USB mouse, you need to have the driver for it loaded
| > before starting gdm (or the boot will fail), if it uses Xdmcp for
| > connecting to a terminal server, it will need networking to be up (and
| > so on).
| This is the net result of a few broken behaviours in X, though. X should
| not mandate the use of a mouse.

Well, it was an example.  Another example involving X would be if you
use a font server.

Other examples could be ppp, which on my system would have to wait
until fcdsl is loaded, while on other systems might wait for setserial
to run and the serial device be available.  In some cases, bind9 might
need to wait until all your network devices are up (if you run it as
non-root), so it would have to wait for ppp, but not in all setups.

Services accessed as CGI scripts through apache (think zope, possibly
schoolbell) should cause apache2 | httpd-server to wait for them.

Those are a few examples why I think we need dynamic and not just
static dependencies.  X was just an easy target.

| With a 2.6 kernel, you should set your mouse device to /dev/input/mice.
| This device should exist even if there are no mice in the system (just
| not give out any events, obviously). I think right now it doesn't.

it doesn't, AFAIK.

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