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Re: Bug#324861: ITP: pptpproxy -- a small app that forwards PPTP VPN connections through a Linux firewall


On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 12:45:52AM +0200, Thomas Viehmann wrote:

> Michel van der Klei wrote:
> > I will change it in:
> > 
> > pptpproxy is a good old forwarder daemon. It's most probably not as
> > elegant as a kernel+iptables based solutions, but it has the very
> > sizeable advantage of Working For Me. It's a "timesaver" for those who
> > are getting tired of trying to get iptables to properly forward PPTP 
> > through a Linux firewall.
> While you at it, could you please switch the text type from an anecdote
> to tell someone over beer to a matter-of-fact package description?
> The process of installing a Debian system is not the quite time to be
> inspired by humorous descriptions appearing on the screen.

Yes is will Thomas, i've changed the control file already.

	pptpproxy is a small forwarder deamon which forwards pptp traffic
	to a Windows VPN server through an iptables firewall.  

I supose this will do. 

Kind regards,

Michel van der Klei

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