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Re: better init.d/* : who carres ?

** Peter Palfrader ::
> > mysqld_get_param () {
> >     /usr/sbin/mysqld --print-defaults |
> >     sed -ne "s/^.*--$1=\\([^ ]\\+\\).*\$/\\1/p"
> > }
> And harder to read.  Making scripts more complex and harder to
> read for some dubious efficiency is not a good idea in my opinion.

I respectfully disagree, especially in the example case, in the
following counts:

1. In the example case, we have four pipes (five concurrent
processes), and here we have only one, which I think settles the
performance gain in the "non-dubious" zone.

2. In the example case, one regexp in the sed command-line explains
quite clearly what you want to extract from the output of
print-defaults, which I think settles the case for the "making
scripts more complex and harder to read". I was still in doubt of
what the script extracted from the output of print-defaults until I
saw the regexp.

If I was the DD in charge, I would apply the patch.


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