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version numbering

On Aug 18, Lars Bahner (bahner@debian.org) wrote:
 > Hi,
 > Please CC: me as I am not on this list!
 > As I upgraded rscheme today to the final non-beta version I ran into
 > problems with the version numbering.
 > Eg:
 > old version ( in unstable >= new version (
 > Upstream names the betas for as - as you no doubt
 > already guessed.
 > So now that there is no beta-versioning, the installer sees this as a
 > lower number. I could of cource number the package as or
 >, but I was wondering what The Right Thing To Do would be.

In the future, if you modify upstream's name of to be
instead, then will be treated as a later version.  I think that is
pretty clean, and no need to wait for the ~ capability.

Neil Roeth

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