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Re: Bug#323722: maintainer seems MIA, we should orphan this package.

Roberto Lumbreras wrote:

>Hi Sven...
>Jose Luis Tallon email is bouncing because he seems to be using some
>stupid RBL that bans every DSL user in the planet. Try sending mail from
>other account and it will work.
Thanks, Rober... i'll have to remove that i think.

>Jose Luis is in the new maintainer process, and has been very active
>with his packages, as you can see:
>I've been the sponsor for all these uploads, and definitely no, he is
>not MIA.
Definitively NOT!

>Maybe you are right with progsreiserfs, it is not my favorite package to
>fsck my filesystem, it has lots of bugs, but if there are fixes we
>should let Jose Luis or someone to fix them.
Well, in fact, there was a quite harsh discussion re: progsreiserfs,
including upstream Hans Reiser himself.
It was decided --with mediation from RM Steve Langasek-- that it shall
be left in unstable with an RC bug for the time being until we could
find some better solution... this might mean updating the packaged
version, which i won't do until i can confirm *from upstream* that it is
indeed stable.

Thanks for your attention but i'm definitively *not* MIA.


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